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You’ll often hear Forbes Riley say “Fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad.” Being fit allows you to feel good and enables you to be your best, and no one knows this better than Forbes. After giving birth to twins, she was fighting to get back in shape as all women do.

Forbes has taken healthy living to the ultimate level: setting an example for people everywhere that want to be healthier, perform at their peak, and feelĀ great. An avid exerciser, Forbes brings new enthusiasm to those who need a little coaching to get back on track.

Forbes also believes strongly in the power of good nutrition. “If it’s white… don’t eat it!” She bases her nutrition regimen on fresh fruits and vegetables, natural supplements, and good old home cooking.

Family is a critical part of Forbes’ success. She travels a lot for business, so she brings her family whenever possible and takes vacations to get away and enjoy living with loved ones, a critical part of our life experience.

When it comes to personal success, Forbes says, “Look at yourself as a product. What do you want your image to be? Be what you want to be.” Being fit also helps you be at your best because you’re thinking positively and constructively, which allows you to move forward with your plans.